Boker Stainless Black Straight Razor, 5/8

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Traditionally, straight razors have been made from high-carbon steel. This steel is very workable, has great edge retention, gets incredibly sharp, but it rusts easily. In response, Boker has sourced high-quality stainless steel to craft a few models with. This style of razor is perfect for those who live in humid, coastal areas where even simple exposure to their air can rust a regular blade.

The blade has been adorned with simple plastic scales, a callback to the countless Bakelite scales that adorned straight-razors in the early decades of the 1900s. This razor is a standard size that is perfect for any user, with a safer rounded tip.

Size 5/8"
Grind Hollow Ground
Steel Stainless Steel
Scales Black Acrylic
Manufacturer Boker


About Boker - Patterned after the chestnut tree that towered above the first Boker factory across the river from Solingen, Boker has been grinding blades since 1829. That tree stood until 1925 when it was cleaved in twain by lightning. Boker started by making swords for the german military, and took up cutlery and straight razors around the 1850s. With production alternating between Solingen and New York, Boker’s legacy of fine blades continues nearly two centuries later and their straight razors that still bear the mark of the famous chestnut tree.