Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Stand for Double Edge Safety Razor and Shaving Brush, Chrome Plated

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Whether your home has tiny hands or paws, or you just like to treat your razor right, a stand is essential to keep it contained. This handy apparatus holds either a straight razor or a DE safety razors. It has a small hole on the bottom support to insert the tail of your straight razor, making it extra secure. This stand is Nickel-plated for resilience and beauty.

  • Fits any but the most monstrous of straight razors, not good for Kamisoris.
  • Fits all Edwin Jagger razors, and most medium to large razors from other brands.
  • For help with finding the right size for your razor, please get in touch with us.

About Edwin Jagger - Honoring the long established history of Sheffield manufacturing, all Edwin Jagger products are crafted with an absolute attention to detail while marrying state of the art processes with time honored traditions. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger supplies all manner of exquisite grooming goods for all people.