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Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving bowl with Silver Rim

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Many among us have the memory of watching our father or grand-father whipping up a lather by hand, and carefully working through his morning shave. When he did that, he wasn’t just squirting foam out of a can, he was making the most out of a hand-crafted product. Edwin Jagger shaving bowls are designed to give you a lathering vessel for your shaving cream, or store your shaving soap. He bowl has enough depth to soak your brush in, while the bottom features a bump to work your brush against, creating a lather faster and more effectively. Bowls are available in Black or White and feature a silver ring around the edge, which really ties the set together.

  • Before use, warm the porcelain with hot water and soak your shaving brush bristles.
  • Using a shaving bowl will create more lather from a smaller amount of shaving cream, extending the life of your product.

About Edwin Jagger - Honoring the long established history of Sheffield manufacturing, all Edwin Jagger products are crafted with an absolute attention to detail while marrying state of the art processes with time honored traditions. Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger supplies all manner of exquisite grooming goods for all people.

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