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Hoxton Shave Co. Hardware Kit

Ready to change up your shave, without breaking the bank? Hoxton has you covered. This kit contains the hardware you need to get a closer, more comfortable shave without overpriced cartridges or canned foam.

A Hoxton Knurled Safety Razor offer a close, irritation-free shave using affordable, recyclable blades. Not only will the sturdy badger brush whip up a beautiful lather, but it also exfoliates your skin and softens your hairs, so they shave more easily. To top it off the classy dual-stand keeps your washroom counter both tidy, and stylish.

In the Kit:

  • Hoxton Knurled Black Safety Razor
  • Hoxton Grey Badger Shaving Brush
  • Hoxton Brush and Razor Stand

In addition to this kit, grab yourself some Hoxton Shaving Cream, a few packs of razor blades, and an alum block. We'll throw in a How to Shave Guide so you can get the best shave of your life, every time you shave.

About Hoxton Shave Co. - Hoxton Shave Co. is a modern brand, exclusive in Canada to Kent of Inglewood.  The Hoxton shave is a modern take on shaving with a nod to classic English chemists and perfumers by naming several scents after East London neighbourhoods.  The English-made software has been fragranced in Canada to create some truly unique scents.