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Truefitt and Hill

Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving Soap

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A truly Victorian shave, over 200 years of tradition have gone into Truefitt & Hill shaving products. Truefitt shaving soap is the classic barber's lather, designed to be lathered in it's own bowl and directly on the skin. While soap can be drier than cream, it offers incredible glide and can last much longer. The wooden bowl can be refilled with new pucks, offering an economical zero-waste option.

Originally inspired by a perfume from the 1850s, 1805 celebrated Truefitt & Hill’s first year in business. Fragrances of the era were fresh and oceanic, driving the perfumer to use Mandarin and Clary sage for the seaside notes.1805 retains its grounded English personality with a base of wood and musk.

About Truefitt & Hill - As the world’s oldest barber shop of record, Truefitt and Hill has been providing discerning gentlemen with only the finest grooming products since 1805. Founded in the year of the Battle of Trafalgar, at its historic location in Mayfair, London; Truefitt and Hill’s patrons have included the likes of Wilde, Dickens, Hitchcock, Churchill, Sinatra, Olivier, and nearly every member of the royal family since George III.