Feather Artist Club DX Folding Handle Shaving Razor

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Feather has created a way to get a great straight-blade shave without having to strop or sharpen your razor. A step up from the Artist SS handles, this razor features Japanese stainless steel and strong, long-lasting scales. Barbers and home-shavers alike will find this to be the most comfortable and balanced shaver around. The head of the razor folds into the scales for ease of storage and safety while travelling. Available in Pearl Acrylic or Teak Wood.

About Feather  Established officially in 1953, Feather Safety Razor Co. has been a long-time manufacturer of disposable shaving blades and surgical blades. Feather focuses purely on Japanese production to ensure the greatest quality in their products, refusing to source from other countries. Now Feather is known to make the sharpest DE razor blade on the planet, and some of the finest shaving tools held by humankind.