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Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

One of our favorites here at Kent of Inglewood, the Rockwell 6S is a modern take on the adjustable safety razor. Born on Kickstarter, the 6S is a full stainless steel razor with three double-sided plates that allow the user to choose between six levels of blade exposure, making it either more mild or aggressive, thereby allowing the shave to be customized to the skin of the individual. Grand for those who shave different types of hair on their bodies, or sometimes shave once a day and sometimes shave twice a month. The heft of the razor is great for those of you who like some extra weight sitting on their skin.

  • Compatible with any DE safety razor blade, especially Rockwell brand DE blades.
  • Head adjustability varies from 1 (mildest setting, almost no blade exposure) to 6 ( agressive setting, same spacing as Merkur razors heads)
  • Solid Stainless Steel construction. 
Total Length  
Model Number 6S
Comes with
5 Rockwell Swedish stainless steel razor blades
Made in USA
Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Rockwell

Stand not included find it here.

About Rockwell - The Canadian brand Rockwell became an overnight sensation on kickstarter, catapulting it into its status as a maker of outstanding shaving gear overnight. With a focus on industrial-era quality and modern sensibility, Rockwell seeks to make safety razors and accessories from the best materials possible, on North American soil.