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Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor


Merkur makes some of the world's best safety razors! Basic to fancy, simple to adjustable, there is a razor for everyone! Manufactured in Solingen by Dovo, their exacting standards mean you get a great shave and a long-lasting product.

Merkur's lines of adjustable razors are the top tier in terms of a safety razors performance and shaving nerdism. Unlike other safety razors which have a set angle at which the blade comes in contact with your face, as the name suggests, these razors allow that angle to be adjusted.

This means experienced shavers can experiment with angles of varying aggressiveness to determine the best angle for their face and beard.I wouldn't recommend choosing an adjustable razor if you're a beginner to wet shaving. Rather than spending your time tweaking the blade angle or fiddling around, you should be working on a good shaving technique.

Includes one Merkur razor blade.

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