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Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor, Slant Cut, Extra Thick Handle, Chrome 37C

A totally different take on the Merkur brand, the 37C features a shorter handle for greater dexterity, and a slanted opening for the blade. A slant means that more blade is exposed on one side than the other, which means that it cuts more like a slice of a knife - or a guillotine, if you’ll forgive a more accurate but morbid comparison - than a ‘chop’. This makes it ideal for men with coarse, wiry beard hair.

As mentioned above, your author’s safety razor of choice is a slant. It allows for a closer shave more easily, but for most people, this is a safety razor they pick up after having learned how to shave comfortably with a more standard design. The slant requires you to slow down, and use as little pressure as possible, as the change in blade exposure from what you’re used to can make nicking yourself a little more of a risk. Be patient on your first few shaves with a slant, and you’ll have nailed the technique in no time.

Merkur makes some of the world's best safety razors! Basic to fancy, simple to adjustable, there is a razor for everyone! Manufactured in Solingen by Dovo, their exacting standards mean you get a great shave and a long-lasting product.