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Rex Supply Co.

Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Adjustable DE Safety Razor

The Rex Ambassador is the absolute pinnacle of safety razor shaving. Each razor is carefully machined from stainless steel to exacting standards, engineered to shave perfectly. The adjustment dial allows for a fully customized shave. It can give you a more aggressive cut or a very forgiving one depending on the setting, and many folks will experiment with different settings at different stages of the shave. This is the razor that allows you to be in complete control of your shave.

  • Works with any standard Double-Edged razor blade.
  • 2-Piece construction is durable and easy to clean.
  • Be sure to dispose of blades in a Blade Bank.
  • Comes with 5 Kent of Inglewood Mild Blades.
  • Handmade from stainless steel in the USA.

  • About Rex Supply Co. - Rex Supply Co. strives to create the best shaving experience possible. Their razors are painstakingly designed, precision machined, and carefully inspected to guarantee top-notch quality.