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Ralf Aust

Raulf Aust is a man with a varied history in german steel manufacturing, with an attention to detail and passion not often seen these days in world of german blade production. His training began with grinding scissors for Waldmin & Saam in 1970, before he moved around to several different manufacturers in Solingen including the famed maker of razor and cutlery, Boker. For a time Herr Aust supported his father in law producing straight razors before establishing his own shop “Raziermessermanufaktur Aust”. To this day Ralf Aust produces some of the finest straight razors available, crafted from true German steel that he acquires from his home-town of Solingen. Ralf works alone, overseeing every single step of production and honing by hand to ensure a top-notch product.

Herr Aust uses a mix of machinery old and new. One of his grinding machines for thinning his razors was inherited, while his laser etching and cutting machines are the best available for engraving his mark on his blades and precision cutting his wooden scales. Raulf Aust continues to refine, innovate, and learn his craft. Each blade is hand-honed and stropped by the master, with the same methods used and Kent of Inglewood. This ensures that his blades are always shave ready and while we always check them, we never find his blades in need of touching up.