Horace and Jasper Tremendous Moustache Wax

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This wax is ideal for the bearded individual who wants to keep their moustache out of their pint, but would prefer to avoid the “dandy” look and opt for something fairly natural all while still keeping the ‘stache completely tamed and away from the lip. It’s easy to work with, with a reasonable hold.  


  • To apply, scrape some from the tin with the back of your finger nail. Warm the wax between your fingers until pliable, and work through the entirety of your ‘stache.
  • Minimal wax can be used for a more natural look, while more wax will give a more “styled” appearance.


Hold 4/10
Pliability 8/10

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About Tremendous - Started by Mr. Jeffrey Cockram of Horace & Jasper, Tremendous beard products were originally crafted to care for Jeffrey’s own beard of 20+ years. The Tremendous line features primarily natural ingredients that care for both the hair and face, while offering top-quality beard care and avoiding synthetic fragrances. Tremendous products are hand-crafted mere blocks south of our Calgary store, in the heart of Ramsay.