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Layrite Super Shine Pomade

Layrite Supershine gives you the classic slick "Mafioso" look worn by Michael Corleone and Cry-Baby. This cream style product goes on smooth and easy, and has enough hold for thin and thick hair alike. For best results, wet down your hair before application and comb down repeatedly, allowing product to dry in place

Medium Hold
Shine High Shine
Hair Length Short to Medium
Style Shiny slick-back
Washes out with Water or Layrite Shampoo

About Layrite - “Made for barbers, by barbers” Layrite came to be in 1999 when a gent by the name of Donnie Hawley found himself wanting for a hair product that held like a traditional pomade, but washed out without all the fuss. Such a thing was not to be found, so Donnie set out to create such a thing, and Layrite was born. Water based hair products that hold like their oil based compatriots, from light and natural to firm and rugged, all fragranced with Layrite’s signature vanilla scent.