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Layrite Daily Shampoo

Layrite Shampoo is a versatile blend for all hair lengths. Formulated by barbers it helps to remove dandruff without drying, all while invigorating the scalp with eucalyptus and volumizing the hair.

  • Apply is a massaging motion to thoroughly cleanse the scalp.
  • Use every day, or less often if dryness persists.
  • Follow with Layrite Conditioner for best results.

About Layrite - “Made for barbers, by barbers” Layrite came to be in 1999 when a gent by the name of Donnie Hawley found himself wanting for a hair product that held like a traditional pomade, but washed out without all the fuss. Such a thing was not to be found, so Donnie set out to create such a thing, and Layrite was born. Water based hair products that hold like their oil based compatriots, from light and natural to firm and rugged, all fragranced with Layrite’s signature vanilla scent.