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Uncle Normans Moustache Wax Tamer

This wax is treasured for its workability, its versatility, and its impressive hold. Uncle Normans contains pine-sap which allows for the wax to get quite smooth and soft when warmed between the fingers, and it goes on easily with less pulling than other strong waxes. Throughout the day the wax to remain malleable while holding solidly for a longer than other stiff waxes. Finally,  if the user varies the amount used, it allows for a huge range of styles: from very natural to Dali-esque. Plus, each tin comes with a tiny travel tin attached for free. 

How to wax: Scoop a small amount with the back of your thumb nail, warm it between your thumb and index finger, then spread it evenly through the hair from the root to the ends. Shape it to your preferred style. Start with a little wax and add as needed.  

Hold 9/10
Pliability 7/10

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Ingredients:beeswax, coconut oil, pine sap, juniper oil