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Japanese Axes

High Carbon with Iron Oak Handle Higashi gata Masakari Axe 330mm

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The Masakari is a great axe for woodworkers, with its broad head and sharp, concave grind. With its “bearded” head shape, you can use the axe while holder right under the head. Fantastic for hewing logs, carving and sculpting, and even works as an all-around hatchet. It is made with a hard Japanese carbon steel called Kigami (Yellow Paper Steel), so it’s easy to sharpen while still having excellent edge retention. Best of both worlds, in my opinion. As with all wooden-hafted axes, take care to oil the haft of this axe regularly to ensure strength and a tight bond between head and haft.

Blade Material: Yellow Paper Carbon Steel
Steel Hardness: 60 HRC
Handle Material: Iron oak
Handle Length: 13"/ 33cm
Head Weight: 1.1 Lbs/ .5Kg
Total Weight: 1.3 Lbs/ .6Kg
Grind Style: Straight/ Carpentry
Made in: Japan