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Amano san

Amano San Kamisori Japanese Straight Razor, 54mm Shirogami Left Handed

Traditionally in Japan, all razors are right-handed and Amano san is one of the few blacksmith that will craft distinctly left-handed blades, probably because he is younger and more willing to break tradition.

Like most traditional Japanese knives the blade is sharpened on one side, with a concave back. While this can make the blade a little more difficult to use, the ergonomic handle and short blade are far easier to maneuver than a european style razor, especially for a novice. Many people are drawn to its stunning minimalism.

The un-balanced bevel allows for an incredibly fine edge, made from very hard steel. While hard steel will keep an edge longer than most european blades, it is laminated to softer steel to offer protection against chipping and cracking.When using a japanese style blade, we suggest a 10-20 degree angle to the skin on the bevelled side, and about half of that on the back-side.

Size 7/8"
Grind: Left-handed Grind
Steel: Shirogami White Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness: 61
Scales: None
Manufacturer: Amano san


  • All razors are guaranteed shave-ready by our staff.
  • For help using your razor, we suggest you take a Straight Razor Shaving Class at one of our stores, or feel free to contact us for advice.
  • This razor is made from high carbon steel, which is capable of amazing sharpness and great edge retention but requires a little extra care. Be sure to dry your razor well after every use, and oil with Tsubaki Oil or store in a dry place.
  • All straight razors must be stropped before use, to straighten burrs and polish the edge for the smoothest shave possible. Be sure to use a good quality strop and accurate technique.
  • Honing/ Sharpening should be done on Japanese synthetic or natural whetstones. You can bring your blade in to a Kent of Inglewood store to be honed, with the first time free on any blades purchased from us. Razor honing classes are also available at your nearest Kent of Inglewood location. 

About Amano san - As a young blacksmith working on his own, Amano san began steel forging and crafting Kamisori (Japanese straight razors) around the time that Kent of Inglewood opened in 2014. In 2015 he began mailing us prototypes to shave will, and report back our results. From the beginning his edges were fantastic, and with some feedback his blades quickly took the comfortable, balanced blade that you see today. He makes a right-handed, left handed, and ambidextrous razor all from White Carbon Steel, and are mostly known under the brand-name “Takami” meaning “Sky & Water”.

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