GEO.F.Trumper Wellington Cologne 100ml

Geo.F.Trumper Cologne – Founded in 1875, Geo.F.Trumper is one of London’s most celebrated men’s hairdressers, and the recipient of a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria and five further Royal Appointments. 

Bask in the scent of sophistication and complexity in a bottle. Since 1876, the Geo F Trumper Wellington Cologne 100ml Glass has a subtle floral and woody musk fragrance for men. From your first spray, the playful neroli clings to the air and paints it with a refreshing, honeyed floral aroma. The fruity smell is balanced out by the citrusy eucalyptus scent of rosemary. In time, as the refreshing lemony fragrance dries down, a complimenting smell emerges. The presence of musk gives a subtle touch of sincerity and sensuality to the overall playful and citrusy tone of the cologne. 


Top Notes: rosemary, neroli, musk
Longevity: 4-6 hrs
Season: summer, spring, day


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