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Dovo Inox Straight Razor, Olive Wood Handle, 5/8

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The perfect straight razor shave may just be in the tropics, overlooking a beach with a Mai Tai next to your shaving bowl. Such humidity can be hard on a blade, hence the creation of the Dovo Inox or “stainless”. The 5/8” blade is a very standard size, and good to learn on as it is easy to maneuver while not so narrow that it gets lost in the hand. Swedish Stainless Steel makes this a lower maintenance razor as it will not rust, although Stainless Steel might not take quite the same edge as a Carbon Steel. Stainless steel is ideal for those shavers living in high humidity.

Size 5/8"
Grind Hollow Ground
Steel Swedish Stainless Steel
Scales Olive Wood
Manufacturer Dovo


  • All razors are guaranteed shave-ready by our staff.
  • For help using your razor, we suggest you take a Straight Razor Shaving Class at one of our stores, or feel free to contact us for advice.
  • All straight razors must be stropped before use, to straighten burrs and polish the edge for the smoothest shave possible. Be sure to use a good quality strop and accurate technique.
  • Honing/ Sharpening should be done on Japanese synthetic or natural whetstones. You can bring your blade in to a Kent of Inglewood store to be honed, with the first time free on any blades purchased from us. Razor honing classes are also available at your nearest Kent of Inglewood location. 

About Dovo - Dovo was founded in 1906 in Solingen Germany by Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos, who split their surnames to form the company name “Dovo”. In those early years they produced only traditional straight razors like many other factories in Solingen at the time, with only 13 staff. Expanding later into scissors and grooming tools through the mid 20th century, their straight razor production went from 8000 per year to 3000 per month with resurgence in wet shaving. In 1996 Dovo acquired Merkur to round out their offerings to include safety razors, providing discerning folk with all manner of “meisterwerke en stahl”, or “masterpieces in steel”.

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