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Kent of England

Kent of England Travel Shaving Brush, Pure Badger

 That being said, it’s not quite as soft and luxurious as Silver Tip. The ivory resin handle actually screws into the travel case. Functions both as a protective storage option and as a drip stand for the brush. This brush has a smaller knot and loft than Kent’s standard brushes, but is still plenty to lather your soap. Comes in a beautiful box for safe storage.

The shaving brush is to the shave what tires are to a car. Your brush will whip up a huge lather from a tiny amount of product, helping to provide you with protection and glide during the shave. The action of the bristles exfoliate your skin and soften your hairs, making them easier to shave.

"Best" Badger hair has a stiff backbone, so it lathers soap quickly and exfoliates your skin efficiently. It is not as soft as the luxurious silvertip, but those with coarse hair may prefer a stiffer brush. The acrylic used for this handle unscrews and screws into itself, making this a compact option for travel.

  • Knot size is 23mm.
  • Use with traditional shaving cream or soap, and lather in a shaving mug for best results. 
  • Always store in a brush stand after use to avoid damage to your brush.

About Kent of England - The famous brushmaker was formed in 1777 and holds an unbroken record for superior performance and quality. This quality has been recognized with royal warrants from nine generations of the English royal family. Their offerings now range from grooming brushes to shaving, setting the standards in their field. It is not unheard of for a brush made by Kent of England to last up to 50 years, providing it is well cared for.