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Hoxton Shave Co. Straight Razor Shavette

Originally designed for barbers to use for edges and line-ups, the shavette has now become very popular for home use as well. While the shave won’t exactly compare to a traditional straight razor, a shavette will give you a lovely shave with all of the accuracy of a straight razor, and very little maintenance. These shavettes are good for full shaves or beard-trims.

  • This razor uses disposable safety razor blades that have been snapped in half. You can snap the blades inside the package, and use one for 2-4 shaves or 4-8 beard trims. We suggest trying a few brands of blades to see which you prefer.
  • Be sure to dispose of blades in a Blade Bank.
  • For help using your razor, we suggest you take a Straight Razor Shaving Class at one of our stores, or feel free to contact us for advice.

About Hoxton Shave Co. -Hoxton Shave Co. is an English company exclusive in Canada to Kent of Inglewood.  The Hoxton shave is a modern take on shaving with a nod to classic English chemists and perfumers by naming several scents after East London neighbourhoods.  The English-made software has been fragranced in Canada to create some truly unique scents.