Boker Stainless Olive Wood Straight Razor, 5/8

All Straight Razors come shave ready.

Boker makes some of the best straight razors that Solingen has to offer. This hollow ground, 5/8ths German stainless steel blade features a round point to ensure an excellent shave while reducing the chance of “accidents”. The olive wood scales are beautiful and rustic, yet strong enough to withstand some wear. That being said, wooden scales do not like getting soaked in water frequently. Unlike most straight razors, this blade is stainless steel. However, we still think you should take the time to dry your razor off when you’re finished getting the best shave of your life.

About Boker - Patterned after the chestnut tree that towered above the first Boker factory across the river from Solingen, Boker has been grinding blades since 1829. That tree stood until 1925 when it was cleaved in twain by lightning. With production alternating between Solingen and New York, Boker’s legacy of fine blades continues nearly two centuries later in their straight razors that still bear the mark of the tree.

Size 5/8"
Grind: Hollow Ground
Steel: Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness:
Scales: Olive Wood
Manufacturer: Boker

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