Like Grandpa

Like Grandpa Aftershave Balm - Sandalwood 28g

Picture a handsome carpenter, spending their days crafting gorgeous cabinets and chairs. This is the essence of Like Grandpa Sandalwood. Sandalwood is the perfect choice for those who prefer a fragrance but don't want it to be too strong. 

Is it an aftershave or a moisturizer? Why not both? Co-founder of Like Grandpa, Ken, says he uses this every day, regardless of whether he's shaved that morning. It keeps your skin smooth and moisturized, and takes care of any irritation post-shave.

About Like Grandpa - Like Grandpa is completely handmade in Edmonton, Alberta, using all-natural ingredients. Every Like Grandpa product is focussed on the best skin care for the dry prairies, and they are all both gentle and non-greasy. No more smears on your touchscreens!

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil