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The Kent of Inglewood Christmas Gift Guide

Each year, the Holidays sneak up on us like a snake in the grass, hoping to catch us unaware. Be vigilant! Make a plan and follow it through! We at Kent of Inglewood are dedicated to helping you push the forces of Holiday Shopping back to their own borders so you may enjoy a drink, some fruit cake, and time with your family.

(NOTE: Some of these items are not available on our website. Please call your local Kent of Inglewood to ensure availability in your area, thank you.)



For the Foresters, Hunters, & Woodcutters

Buying gifts for the person who has wandered into the woods to live deliberately is difficult. Give them something useful. A stout axe or sharp knife can keep the forces of nature at bay long enough to enjoy an eggnog and rum.

Wetterlings Axe, Hudson Bay $217
Wetterlings Sharpening stone $66
Helle Knife, Temagami $233
Norwegian Wood $29.95
Opinel Folding Saw $95



For the Discerning Gentleman or Lady

Know someone who isn’t happy until they have the best, the most beautiful, or the most prestigious? Certain people see the best for what it is and want nothing else. These are for them.

Thiers Issard Spartacus Straight Razor $325
Merkur Gold Safety Razor 34G $95
Floris Leather Oud $321
Castelbel Porto Genteman’s Club Spearmint and Moss Soap W/ 24KT Gold $19
Czech and Speake 88 Soap and Brush Set $382.50
Zwilling manicure set Wooden stand $175.00



For the Gloriously Bearded

Whether it’s the reserved and well trimmed brush of a British soldier, or the flowing and wild mane of a frontiersman, these items will keep his facial hair healthy, rugged, and handsome.

Beard brush $34
Big Red Comb No.16 $35
Tremendous Beard Wash $24
Tremendous Beard Conditioner $26
Groom Beard Kit $32
Blue Beards Beard Saver $35


For the Aspiring Cocktologist

Has your mother healthfully perfected the gin and tonic? Your Grandfather attributes his long life to his Sunday Boulevardier? Does your betrothed’s book club function more like a martini club? Look no further.

Gin Kit $30.00
Tonic Syrup 3rd place $26.00
Tonic Syrup Porters $24.00
Yukiwa Japanese Jigger Rose Gold Small $46.00
Yukiwa Mixing Glass and spoon Rose Gold $34


For the Ruffians, Vagabonds & Scoundrels

Many of us would rather not be a gentleman or lady, as being rough around the edges is a source of pride for some. Celebrate the delinquents in your life with a gift that encourages their irresponsible side.

Yukiwa Flask Leather Black Big one $141
Vice Beer Soap $9
Tobias Bottle Opener $20
Mcusta MC12D Micarta Handle $276
Big Red Wallet Tattoo Edition $98
Big Red Minimalist Wallet Tattoo Edition $74



For the Person Who Already Has Everything

We too encounter this same challenge every year. A full roster of shaving toiletries or some of our more impressive shaving implements are always a welcome addition.

Merkur Futur $150.0
4 prong stand $44.00
D.R. Harris Arlington shaving soap in bowl $49
D.R. Harris Arlington Shave Cream $44
D.R. Harris Arlington Preshave $60
D. R. Harris Arlington Splash $69
D.R. Harris Arlington Milk $69
Ezra Arthur (formerly Bison) Cordovan Strop $456
Dovo Pearl Straight Razor 5/8 $320



For the Minimalist

When the special person you’re looking to treat is the type to eschew clutter, it’s best to give a gift that respects that. It would be rude otherwise and one mustn’t be rude.

Midnight and Two Shaving Soap $34
Geo Trumper Travel Brush $89
Merkur travel razor with black leather case $68
Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food $42.00



For the Ladies on your List

Wives, mothers, girlfriends & bosses are examples of a lass you may be looking to impress. Introduce the women you know to the world of classic shaving, or give a gift that is sure to help them pamper themselves.

Edwin Jagger long handle razor in Pink, Lilac, Rose and Blue $56.00
Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Shaving cream $32.00
Portus Cale collection Rose Blush or Floral Toile $15
Floris 1976 $288.00
Parker Shaving brush White Handle Deluxe Badger $69
Claude Dozorme Laguiole Pocket Knife with Clip Juniper wood Handle $109



For the Special Man in your life

While it’s no surprise that we have some of the most coveted items for our husbands, boyfriends and fathers, remember there’s also the nephew that needs a little more assistance learning how to dress sharp, or the chum who takes his steak VERY seriously.

LVJ bowtie $94
Merkur razor 34001 $65
Parker Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger Chrome $96
Czech and Speake Oxford and Cambridge Cologne $197
Shun Classic Higo Steak Knife $125
Odegard Belt in Chestnut or Black Leather $150.00
Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream $60.00