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Partner Profile: Wacker Razor

May 07, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Partner Profile: Wacker Razor

When in Germany recently, our fearless leader Kevin Kent met with a man who represented two little known razor-makers in Germany. These companies, one a single man and the other a tightly run family business, made incredible blades that rivaled the highest quality blades of France and Japan. Razors made with true Solingen steel, a rarity these days, and carefully crafted in each step of the process. This is the story of Wacker, and you can check out Ralf Aust here.



Wacker is a four-generation family run business that proudly carries German blade smithing tradition without compromise. The master razor smith has been trained for decades, using grinding technology that has not been changed in 80 years due to its incredible success and quality. The company philosophy of “Quality on principle” drives production. Each step of razor-crafting is carried out by hand, the same hands that have mastered those tasks with decades of practice from a young age.


The blades crafted by Wacker all carry the stamp “Solingen”. The name Solingen was and continues to be sought out for its guarantee of quality production in the razor world. Unlike some industries, the razor makes of Solingen have not given in to the temptation of cheaper production and inexpensive steel. These crafts-people remain steadfast in their intention to create the best blades available. By refusing to compromise, Wacker crafts some of the best razors in Germany, and the world in general.

My Favourite Wacker Razors: The Chevalier, and the Torsion Damascus Blade.


This. Is. It. The “Chevallier” is truly the luxury sports car of the straight razor world, and it even looks the part. The Chevallier has been ground with a heavily slanted french point, an incredible feature for those with facial hair that needs detailing or unruly nose hairs. With water-buffalo horn scales that compliment the blades shape this razor truly has a “go-fast” look that will make its user giddy every time they look at it. The razor’s spine has been laser etched for added grip and beauty. This is the one that I will undoubtedly add to my collection.

Torsion Damascus

This blade is truly wicked, like something forged in the fires of Mt. Doom. As a lover of black-metal, gothic fiction and H.P. Lovecraft, I was enamoured the moment that I set eyes on this blade.

Damascus steel is something incredibly hard and time consuming to forge. By layering and folding the steel repeatedly, the razor-smith increases the edge-retention of the steel and creates an incredibly fine pattern that is unique to each and every razor. Wacker makes this blade over the top by filing parapet-style detail into the spine, and adorning the blade with black horn scales.

This razor will keep its edge longer than most, and is the crowning jewel to a straight razor collection.


Whether you are drawn to Wacker razors for their quality, good looks, or another reason, they will live up to all expectations. You can check out the full collection here.