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Kent of Inglewood is at the Calgary Farmer's Market!

April 10, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Kent of Inglewood is at the Calgary Farmer's Market!

We love Inglewood. The shops, the restaurants, the breweries; the old character of the hood. We love Inglewood so much that we used it in the name of our shop. That said, while many people work downtown during the week, a trip downtown isn’t on everyone’s weekend list, but a nice leisurely stroll through the Calgary Farmers’ Market is.

The Calgary Farmers’ Market has always stood for quality products from local suppliers, so it seems like a no-brainer that Kent of Inglewood would eventually open there, especially since our sister store, Knifewear, has been there for over 6 years. It also features painless parking, a feature that is not always on offer in Inglewood.

At the Farmer’s Market Kent of Inglewood you can find the most popular items from our selection of classic shaving gear, beard care, hand-made soaps, and even a few axes! Grab a basic set of shaving gear, or refills of your favourite grooming products while also picking up fresh produce and snacking on a bag of kettle corn. Have questions about your shave routine? We offer on-site lather demos and our signature friendly expert advice. You can also drop off your straight razor for sharpening. There’s a one week turnaround, so you can pick it up the following week when you’re back to grab your weekly groceries. We can also bring in stock from the Inglewood shop. Have a chat with David or Kai and they’ll be sure to bring whatever you require for the following weekend.

Kent of Inglewood, Calgary Farmers’ Market
Adjacent to Knifewear, across the aisle from Analogue Coffee
510, 77 Avenue SE
Calgary AB