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Brush Your Teeth, Plastic Free!

February 12, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Brush Your Teeth, Plastic Free!

Plastic sucks!

Yes, plastic has a great many uses. It’s no wonder we’ve become so addicted to it, but we have a moral imperative to check ourselves into plastic rehab. If you care about the future of humans and the state of the natural environment, then I’m sure you’ve at least thought about getting rid of the plastic in your life.

But how? It’s literally everywhere. We depend on it more than coffee. The thought of tackling the entire problem at once is daunting and scary, so I’m here to help. In my fight against plastic, I’ve found one piece of advice rings truest of all: big problems are always easier to tackle when you break them into small ones.

We’d all love to fix the world tomorrow, but change doesn’t happen that quickly. If you make one small change every day, week or month, you’ll look up one day to find yourself in a better place than when you started. Kent of Inglewood has found an easy way to take that first step: ditch the plastic toothbrush and toothpaste tube.

I hear you asking, “But how?” Easy. Kent of Inglewood’s Bamboo Toothbrush and Change Toothpaste Tablets. 

The Kent of Inglewood Bamboo Toothbrush, only $3.

We’ve been looking at the plastic problem for a while, and we’ve implemented a plan to switch our products over to plastic-free options, gearing our shops towards providing a zero-waste grooming solution. One easy step in this plan was to bring in bamboo toothbrushes. These little guys are 90% plastic free and they work as well as any toothbrush out there. Simply use them for the recommended 3 months, snip the head off, chuck it in the trash, and compost the rest. Bamboo grows fast and easily, making it the perfect choice for replacing plastics when appropriate, like in this toothbrush handle.

So what are toothpaste tabs? Pure genius, that’s what. Edmontonians Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince were sick and tired of wasteful plastic tubes, so they tackled the problem head-on. After consultations with a dentist and dozens of failed tests, they were victorious where so many have failed and created Change Toothpaste Tabs. 

Change Toothpaste Tabs, available in 1 and 3 month sizes.

Just pop one of these little guys in your mouth, crunch it up, and brush with a damp brush. They foam like regular toothpaste, require little water, and leave your teeth squeaky clean! The best part? The baggie they come in is completely compostable.

So what are you waiting for? If you start changing small parts of your routine today, you’ll be living that zero-waste life before you know it! Keep your eyes peeled, we’ve got lots more plastic-free options coming your way in 2020.