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Adler Axes: Germany's Finest Since 1919

September 24, 2021 4 min read

Adler Axes: Germany's Finest Since 1919

It’s been over one hundred years since Josef Schmitt opened his first blacksmith shop in a small village in South Germany. You read that right, 100 years. As the son of a blacksmith, Josef Schmitt understood the importance of his family’s trade. Well-made tools build villages, help harvest food, feed families and heat homes. Well-made tools make challenging tribulations become feasible endeavours. He knew he needed to continue that tradition so that his small village could prosper.

Today Adler Axes is operated by Tobias Schmitt, the great-grandson of Josef Schmitt. Tobias grew up around the family business. At just six years old, he could be found helping his father as they drove forklift loads of raw materials around the shop yard. Summers away from school meant helping out around the workshop. Childhood friends were the children of his Fathers employees. The family business is in his blood.

Adler has become renowned for their dedication to lifetime quality.

A few years ago, Tobias was faced with a very serious, unexpected challenge. His father passed away suddenly, casting a shadow of doubt over the future of the family business. He had become great friends with the staff and their families, having known some of them since childhood. Tobias couldn’t accept the company may end with his Fathers’ passing. He couldn’t bear the idea that so many people he cared for would be out of work. He knew he would have to take the reins and carry on the family tradition, whether he was ready or not. Surrounded by the experienced team of employees his Father had cultivated, Tobias Schmitt is now proudly carrying on the family tradition.

Nowadays, the Adler Axes workshop is located in the town ofWaghäusel, Germany. Situated near the Rhine River in Baden-Würtemberg, Adler Axes has embraced tradition while melding it with modern sensibilities.  You may be asking: “what does that even mean?”. Well, Adler has three notable certifications. One states that their products are genuinely 100% German-made, and another that designates all products are thoroughly tested before sold, which is truly rare.  The third certification is where the modern sensibilities truly shine: Adler axes renew their Forest Council Certification stewardship every year! After all, axes should and usually do have handles made from wood.  If you’re making thousands upon thousands of axes every year, it’s not a bad idea to give back to the forests which inspire and provide. But Adler hasn’t just stopped there! They used wood waste to generate up to 7000 KW, which is used to help run the facility. And hey, they even use wood shavings from handle production as packing material! How amazingly resourceful is that?

Adler offers a wide range of shapes, perfect for any job from kindling to splitting!

When you come into one of our shops, the Adler Axes will practically jump out at you.  Each handle has a special textured red paint job that assists the user in finding their axe, should they misplace it in the bush. This striking paint also affords grip, making them feel more secure in your hands when you swing them! Attractiveand functional? That’s a win in my books.

Check out my favourites below, and don’t forget to visit us in person at Kent Of Inglewood Calgary or Knifewear Edmonton, Ottawa, or Vancouver to get a feel for how great these axes are!

Adler Premium Short Splitter

A short splitter? Heck. Yes. You need this axe. With aggressively wedged cheeks, this 20” splitting axe is perfect for heavy splitting in the backyard, at the campsite or on your next canoe trip. Weighing just over 3lbs, it’s highly packable and ready to smash through the most challenging tasks.  Pair it with a Silky or Opinel folding saw, and your set for a weekend even Les Stroud would be jealous of! 

Adler Premium Full Size Splitting Axe

This axe is the one you want when you’ve got those heavy, knotted, gnarly rounds that you just cannot split. We call them prob-logs ‘round here. Akin to its smaller sibling, the aggressively wedged cheeks of the axe head make it almosttoo easyto split those heavy rounds! Paul Bunyan would be proud to wield this beast with a 31” handle and an overall weight of 8lbs!

Adler Premium Yankee Hatchet

Every Batman needs his Robin; every chef needs a sous-chef. The Adler Yankee hatchet is the perfect companion to your larger axe, efficiently accomplishing the smaller tasks that your larger axe can't: making kindling? Check. Fine wood-carving and bushcrafting? Check. Throwing at a target to blow off steam? Obviously. This is the best companion to your bigger axes at 15” in length, just over 2lbs.

If you need help choosing the right axe, pay us a visit or get in touch! Whichever Adler you choose (all of them, in my case), I guarantee they'll delight you for decades to come.

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