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Kent of Inglewood's annual March Straight Razor Sale!

Not much happens in March. There's St. Patrick's Day, and there's Easter, and there's March Madness basketball, and the weather is getting warmer and... ok fine. March is pretty great. But we decided to make it better. 

For the entire month all straight razors are 15% off. All in-stock items including all European and  Japanese styles, also both forged blades and disposable Feathers will be on sale. 

If you've been wanting to try your hand at the most elegant and fulfilling shave one can get, or even if you're just looking to upgrade your kit, March is your month. Check out our favourite 5 Straight Razors here to get started!

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Chris Lord
Author: Chris Lord

Lordy was a chef in a former life and now captains the ship that is our Ottawa shop. His experience with pomade is second to none and his mustache smells of Tobacco & Rosewood. He staunchly believes that a person’s life improves every time they swing an ax or strop a razor. Chris' favourite ax is the Wetterling Hudson Bay, the ax that built Canada and he shaves with a Thiers-Isard Snakewood.