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I used to be a very infrequently clean-shaven individual. Before switching to a kamisori, shaving was uncomfortable and it was much easier to just let myself get scruffy. But with this razor, I actually look forward to my morning routine – a quick face wash followed by stropping my razor, lathering up with my favourite shave soap (D.R. Harris Marlborough… it’s magical), and wiping the hair off my face and neck. By the time I’ve applied aftershave, I’m alert and ready to face the day (didn’t know this was possible without coffee).  

Iwasaki Kamisori 48mm - $338

These days, it’s rare to be anything but clean-shaven, and I start the day feeling better just by accomplishing this five-minute task before anything else. There’s nothing like finding the right tool for the job…


John Leadbetter

Kent of Inglewood Staff
Author: Kent of Inglewood Staff