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Use A Straight Razor, Shave Like A Hero

Men haven’t always relied upon plastic disposable contraptions to remain clean shaven.  It used to be that razor burn or ingrown hairs were only a thing of nightmares, not a demon that must be fought daily; moisturizing strips, had yet to be invented. Your barber was your friend, a confidante and sometimes your surgeon; not someone you paid as little as possible to trim your hair. We were stronger then, not yet softened by the constant search for convenience. Sometimes the old ways are best.

Shaving with a straight razor is the manliest and most rugged form of meditation. There’s you, a mirror and a sharp blade designed to swipe the stubble from your cheeks. Nothing else matters but the task at hand. A morning that starts with a straight razor creates a day where you can handle whatever life hands you.

A beautiful hand-crafted razor paired with a leather strop of quality should never need replacing. Instead of discarding once dull, hone your blade and revive it to its former glory. This is a tool that will be in your family for generations, each person adding to its legacy. 

If your decisions tend to be more economically based, a straight razor is the least expensive way to shave. After an initial purchase, you have everything you need to keep your face smooth ‘til the end of days.

 The perfect razor exists for each of us, a grooming soul mate if you will. Once you find yours, you will never shave any other way.


Chris Lord
Author: Chris Lord

Lordy was a chef in a former life and now captains the ship that is our Ottawa shop. His experience with pomade is second to none and his mustache smells of Tobacco & Rosewood. He staunchly believes that a person’s life improves every time they swing an ax or strop a razor. Chris' favourite ax is the Wetterling Hudson Bay, the ax that built Canada and he shaves with a Thiers-Isard Snakewood.